Eminenza Residences - AMENITIES

  • Each unit has provisions for cable TV, telephone, and Internet connection.
  • The entire subdivision is connected to a water supply system that ensures fresh, and clean water at your disposal round the clock.
  • The whole subdivision is secured with a perimeter fence and is monitored by CCTV  cameras placed along the road networks and in strategic locations.
  • A covered basketball court which doubles as a multi-purpose hall where you can play hoops and other sports with your family, friends, and neighbors, as well as hold gatherings and celebrations during special and important occasions.

The Eminenza Residences offer a number of facilities and amenities that make the community convenient for those who will call it home. Amenities are one of the things that people really look out for second to location when purchasing any type of residential property. Here you will find all the modern amenities you need to live well and live comfortably. The community has all the facilities and amenities you need to provide you with enjoyment, recreation, relaxation and security.  

All units within this property come with a carport, a service area and a garden area. Sizes of garden areas vary based on the type of unit and the placement of the unit. (For example, end units offer more garden space) Every unit has the necessary provisions so residents can move in and get settled quickly and easily. You will find provisions made for telephone connections, TV connections and internet connection as well. There is a water supply that provides water to the entire subdivision ensuring residents will always have clean water readily available any time of day and always at a good average flow rate.   

The community is made complete with a perimeter fence which protects residents, their property, their investment and their family members. The community is constantly monitored by CCTV cameras which are strategically placed along roadways and community areas and buildings. Speaking of community areas and buildings; here at the Eminenza Residences you will find there is a basketball court which is covered. Being covered, this area also has the capacity to double as a multi-purpose hall. This can be made available to residents to be used for a variety of functions for you, your family, neighbors and close friends. The hall can be used for parties and other get-togethers as well. This is a great offering to guests so that they don’t have to go out and rent spaces for their gatherings but instead can save money and time by hosting their small gatherings right here on the property in their home community.  


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